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Discover what you need to know about Setting Up and Running a profitable Online Holistic business inside "my Holistic Lifestyle Hub"
WHAT'S INSIDE mY HOLISTIC LIFESTYLE HUB: My Step-by-step blueprint for Living a Holistic Freedom Lifestyle with abundance of health, wealth and happiness.  You can start with my 3 days FREE mini course - Holistic Health Practitioner Course. This is a 3 Days Reiki Level One Course -

Day 1 - introduction of reiki healing system and how it works.  in person distance attunement. 

day 2 - How to heal yourself and others with reiki and water charging.

day 3-  aura scanning and aura cleaning.
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Puran Sharma
Holistic Lifestyle Coach
Air Warrior To Holistic Freedompreneur
Hi. I’m Puran. I am an Air Warrior turned Holistic Lifestyle Coach.  During my 20 years service in Indian Air Force, I learned to become disciplined, obedient, strong, powerful and happy in every circumstance. I started learning Reiki in 2000 and became a Reiki Grand Master in 2005. I did my BAMS & MD in Alternative Medicines online and explored spirituality, alternative medicines and internet marketing system during my service in my part time. After taking voluntary retirement from service in 2016, I created a "Holistic Freedom Lifestyle" Business Model and brought all my experiences, learning and acquired skills together to impart this knowledge to the world.  I have taught "Holistic Freedom Lifestyle" to the hundreds of students through out world for the last 3 years. Now, I am coaching Holistic practitioners/teachers to become financially free and acheive "Holisitc Freedom Lifestyle" without any office or employees. 
What People Are Saying:
I finished 30 days Reiki & Mind Power Course from Puran sir. I took a bit longer but I feel so confident and started giving healing to my family and friends and getting results as well. Most important thing which i liked in Puran sir that what ever he promised before starting course, he kept that promise. He has full knowledge, guided through properly throughout course and he always gave quick response. 
- Jagroop Kaur, Leicester, UK
Great Work and very inspiring. Reiki master tries to help everyone no matter what. Even though I live far in Europe, it seems that I can always reach out to him for help and I will get the correct direction
- Ira, Norway
Despite being an Energy Healer and  living a family life for the last 15 years, I was not happy in many ways. When I joined Holistic Lifestyle Course with Dr Puran Sharma, it changed my perspective of life and now I have completed Holistic Mastery Course with him and helping others with my newly acquired skills.  Now, I feel holistically fulfilled and happy. 
- Anindita, Kanpur, India
My Top Courses:
Reiki & Mind Power Course
In this course you will learn Reiki Level 1 & 2 along with Mind Power Techniques. It is a 4 weeks practical course where you will receive the power to heal and also be exposed to the power of your Sub-Conscious mind.

Reiki Master Healer Course
You will learn Reiki 3rd Level in which you will be taught Mindfulness, Manifestation, Psychic Surgery, Crystal Healing and Many Powerful Symbols along with Master Symbol.  You will also learn how to activate your Psychic Powers and start using them.
Reiki Master Teacher Course 
You will get an ability to pass on Attunement to create Reiki Channel yourself and also taught all the aspects of Reiki Mastership so that you can start taking classes yourself within 30 Days of training.  You will also be given Reiki Master Kit with all the required manuals, presentations and videos.  
Reiki Grand Master Course
Become a Wellness Coach and start training people for Reiki Level 1 to Grand Master Level through out world through e-learning medium.  You will learn many ancient symbols and also you will be able to create your own symbols.  You will learn how to give Attunement for Financial upliftment, Students' Education and Loving Relationship.
Holistic Professional Guide
This is a 3 Days course for those who are a Holistic Practitioner or a trainer and who wants to help people with their holistic skills (any Alternative Therapies) and also practice it professionally full time to attain Spiritual Growth along with Financial Freedom.
Holistic Expert Business Model
This is a 10 Days course for those who despite being a good healer and a teacher not able to practice professionally well.   You will learn how to Build Your Reiki Expert Empire without any office even if no body knows you.
Holistic Freedom 
Set Up Challenge 
It is a 30 days Challenge when you will be building your Holistic Freedom Lifestyle Business from the comfort of your home without any office or employee which will give you Spiritual Satisfaction and also Financial Freedom you desire.
Holistic Freedom Lifestyle Mastery
This is my ultimate coaching program where you will be learning about every required knowledge as to how you can attain your "Financial Freedom" by automating your Holistic Business and creating different MSIs (Multiple Streams of income) in 
90 Days
Why To Join This Hub:
Reason #1: Become a Holistic Practitioner   
You can learn Reiki from Level 1 to Grand Master Level with me and start practicing professionally without any office or employees throughout world
Reason #2: Become A Holistic Expert Professional in 10 Days
You can establish yourself as an Expert in the market in 10 days even if no body knows you at present
Reason#3: Set Up Your Holistic Freedom Lifestyle in 30 Days
You can take up a challenge to set up your Holistic Freedom Lifestyle in 30 days  where you will achieve Holistic Health, abundance of Wealth and lots of Happiness with Freedom to work from anywhere in the world.
FREE Weekly Live Training Sessions
Those, who are joining my "Holistic Lifestyle Hub",  will get access to my "Weekly Mastermind Class" where you can clarify your doubts and ask me questions directly.  The class will be held on Zoom Conference on every Thursday at 8 pm and you will be notified through your email.  It will also be a training workshop where you will be given training to develop different required skills to achieve "Financial Freedom"   practicing Holistic science and the power of Internet without any office or employees.
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